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  • Defend the Castle

    Well, i decided to try it again. And i now find myself in the same situation. I cannot be defeated. Last time i played this was several years ago and ended up with the same problem then too hehe.

    With over 4 million points racked up, 300 archers, 200 wizards, 200 crafters, i don't even need to do anything, i just sit back and let it play itself.

    So to kill myself, i now have to actually spend all my points and lose all my archers, wizards and crafters

    At that point in the game you don't even need anything to survive as it goes. So long as your walls have over 300k health, you wait for the bomber men to run in and use those to blow everything up as they approach.

    Decided to finally let it end after hitting 5 million points ;)