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    well in that case count me in there a link I could use right away ?


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      ähem...whoever is able to read has quite an advantage...application sent so you should have 10 people in and be good to go :)

      oh btw application is from Schnetzler...
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        Done and done, welcome to The Rogue Council!


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          cheers m8 hopefully were the choosen few for an early beta invite :)


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            I managed to get some Beta time last week, and I must say I was impressed. Gameplay is very much the EQ/WOW staple that some will love and others despise with the caveat that it seems designed for you to take on several mobs at once and the animations are fluid and visceral. The story did add a certain something, and kept me interested beyond just the standard click/accept I was used to do. It actually makes me tempted to roll all 8 classes to see how the stories turn out for all of them. I do hope as many people from DND as possible are going to give this a whirl, as it would be a great excuse to game with a lot of you again. To reiterate I have a Republic Side Guild with an open invite to any and all DNDer's, although I also took the liberty of founding a Sith Guild with the DND tag (seeing as there seemed to be some interest for this) if someone would like to take the reigns for that I am happy to oblige. Either way I am anxious to try and get both Guilds on the same server, so we can hang out on vent together. Speaking of Vent I have subscribed to a vent server which I would like to submit for DND use, although I am also using it for my GF's LOTRO Kinship.

            Hostname or IP:
            Port: 3797
            Password: lostbantha


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              The Guild Pre-Launch program is entering Stage III: Deployment. What this means is that qualifying guilds that have at least four pre-orders will have their guilds setup on an appropriate server. The Rogue Council is fine and qualifies, however the DND Guild I set up on the Sith Empire side has no qualifying members as yet. I remember seeing interest for a DND Sith Guild, and I would like to have our Guilds on the same server so if anyone plans on being there at launch, and is willing to pre-order head on over and sign up at the following link:


              If The Republic is more your thing there is of course still room in The Rogue Council, which you can find here: