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  • Ultima Online - the Original Sandbox MMO

    an oldie, definitely a classic and more to the point still a lot of FUN

    I have been playing for the last month or so on a free shard UOGamers : Hybrid

    For any of you who have played UO previously, Hybrid is based on the full PvP Felucca rule set with the original facets of Brittania and The Lost Lands (No Trammel, Ilshenar or Malas etc). As in the original, only Human characters are available with 5 usable pet slots and rideable mounts are allowed. Tamers can have a 1 Dragon (3 slots) and 1 Nightmare (2 slots) combo. Slayer weapons drop off high end mobs as do deviously drawn treasure maps for those wannabe treasure hunters.

    For those who have not played before, basically the gameplay is you get 700 skill points which you train up by using the skill (not questing) to a max of 100 in any individual skill (so a 7 x 100 set up is usually the best skill distribution) but you can spread the skills as thinly or thickly as you want through the 50 or so skills available.

    If you leave town and the guard zones - if you carry it round with you - it can get stolen by thieves or you can be killed and looted. Scamming is not only allowed but I would actively encourage it ;) (that's how I got one of my houses )

    There is a penalty for murder and there are relatively safe guard patrolled zones.

    You also get customisable housing, resource gathering and many types of crafting including item repair (as all items including weapons decay with use)

    If anyone fancies trying it or joining me in Felucca, I can get you started with help, kit, materials, resources pets and mounts. I currently have 2 houses that I can share for using as bases, storage or training.

    The download and install details are here