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Heres a new one Sins of a Solar Empire

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  • Heres a new one Sins of a Solar Empire

    GT bagged this one and proceded to tell me he was up all night totaly engrossed. Sooo I got it of course and proceded to stare at the screen for hours in fasination.

    CnC Civ style in space with loads of depth. All those who liked CnC or Civ will like this one.


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    mmm looks like my kinda game.. will check it out, cheers
    "A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory"


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      i've not even looked at it but cnc / civ style with space sounds v cool! I'll check out tomorrow

      ps - my first post in a while - hope everyone is well


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        Heh, Myself and ghost have racked up some marathon 8 hour games on this one, play some of the bigger universes and you are talking many hours of fun.


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          so far we have managed 7 hours and then another session of 3 hours to finish it.

          Why wont the AI surrender when it is clearly going to lose.

          Oh watcha Bart.


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            Got this game as well, and I must admit it's pretty good fun.

            The developer is one of the few out there that still stick to the idea that graphics shouldn't come first (over content) and rather focuses on replayability and depth of the games. It's a relief to see th there are still smaller companies that manage to create fantastic games which don't feel like an liniar interactive movie. Well worth buying (although there's no copy protection at all?).

            If any of you liked the old Orion games, you might also want to check out Galactic Civilizations II and it's add-ons.