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    Hi Lads having a look at this Star Citizen,d.ZGU

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    Hi Markie, I and a few others have ships ( starter ones ) long way too go but has promise but not holding my breath....

    watched some of the videos like trading ( just like jump gate ) just wish Elite would have done the same.
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      Yep mate what to get into Elite but Star Citizen is looking cool ,just what to get into something with the lads like the good old days lol


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        not sure how long its gona be but yes a few of us already signed up as we like to waste our money early lol


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          Lol yep mate i am in the same boat lol


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            Hi Lads I am having a free go
            It's not too late to get in on our Gamescom Fly Free Event! From now until August 24th, you can test a variety of ships currently available in the game. It's great for newcomers and current Star Citizens alike!

            Check it out at and enter the CODE: GAMESCOM2015 before it's too late. Don't miss out!

            by: Star Citizen


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              Interesting video about the progress of this...
              The video game Star Citizen has raised more than $108m from the public but is running years behind schedule.


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                Looks great mate,the thing is scarying me is that the pc which i have made lol will have to remake it again just to play this game lol. Better not tell the wife lol.